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An Introduction to My Art

Intuitively creative by nature, I have followed art in its many forms since childhood, whether it is painting, designing, photography, writing, dancing, cooking, or gardening. I enjoy painting with my fingers and hands the most, as I get the feel and the warmth of the paints and before I know I become one with my creation.

Multilayered with textures and collage, it is the reflection on my experiences in day-to-day life, a sublime amalgamation of human emotions and the spiritual. I try to communicate through my paintings, the spontaneity of my creative urges, where colours, paints and texture create a rich, vibrant and contrasting mood.

My art is my soul. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do creating it.

  • Indian Art Fair - Mumbai, India 2020

  • The online international art relay by RICE (Russia India Cultural Exchange) 2020

  • International Women Artists' Exhibition - Truth, Goodness, and Beauty Art Exhibition, Singapore, 2019.

  • Shining Light in Singapore, International Artist Group Exhibition, 2019.

  • International Digital Exhibition - Artosino Gallery, New York, 2019.

  • ' Threads' - a solo exhibition, Paris, France 2017

  • Confluence'16' - International Art Contest and Exhibition, New Delhi, India 2016

  • Affordable Art Fair, Singapore 2011

  • Hart Start Exhibition, Balmain, Sydney 2010

  • Hart Start Exhibition, Balmain, Sydney 2009

  • Art commission, Fashion Boutique, Bangalore, India 2009

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